Olivia Pop

Passionate and longtime self-taught artist, I studied abstract acrylic techniques with the painter Pascal Ash from Arte-Art (2013-2014), and participated in numerous individual and collective exhibitions in Switzerland and abroad (Italy, Spain, UK).
My artistic journey is part of an introspective and liberatory process, visible in my paitings exploring the "home" concept as both a refuge and a reference, going through a spatial journey and leading to withdrawal into oneself. I share my visual stories to raise magic and beauty awareness, for more humanity.

"One or the other

Usually an artist has either a technical or creative predominant side. Olivia Pop is fortunate since she has both of them. Besides her skills, she fulfills her ambitions with determination.
She has that little extra that triggers her energy and concentration.
Three words to describe Olivia: mastery, creativity, innovation, three essential points which make sure that we will continue to talk a lot about her.”

Pascal Ash - artistic director of ArteArt